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"As a scholar, I’m looking forward to gaining experience and being introduced to the practice and legal knowledge of law and how to professionally exercise it in real-life scenarios. Acquiring this excellent opportunity and employment experience will be strongly beneficial for me in my long term career".

More about Balint

Where did you grow up, and what does home look like for you?

I originally came from Hungary. Being born in Eger, a mid-sized city located in North Eastern Hungary which best known as a popular tourist destination, particularly for its red wines and historical sites.

I moved to the UK at the age 9 of and have been living here ever since, residing fairly close to Brighton in the Borough of St Leonards.

What led you to your studies in Brighton?

When I received my offer from the University of Brighton to complete my degree at their institution, I already knew my final choice right after that moment. Residing by the beach has always seemed for someone who came from a landlocked country as being on a permanent vacation all the time, which was an appealing thought! In addition to the University’s overall great reputation along with its modern infrastructure, and friendly environment.

What has been your path to studying law?

At the time when I was studying A-level information & Technology, It looked almost certain that I would pursue my degree in some form of an IT related course. However, in my free time I started to read more and more about the functions of the legal system and the practice of law in general, starting as a hobby. By the time I was nearing towards the end of my A-level, I had became fascinated with the concepts of Law and its professional practices as a full-time career opportunity to the point where I have decided to change my mindset and re-direct my application towards a law degree which I then started during the final months of my IT studies.

Do you have any thoughts on where your studies might take you professionally? Where do you see yourself in the future?  

In the upcoming future, I am hoping to eventually become a qualified solicitor. Regarding my speciality, I’m highly interested in finding my place in either family law and/or financial law although I’m aware it might become more difficult to choose in the end, after learning more and more skills and knowledge in the legal sector.

What do you enjoy spending time on away from studying? What are your hobbies, your passions?

When I have available free time, I greatly enjoy spending time with my family and friends, engaging in physical activities including Marshall which I have been practicing for the past 8 years, and recently practicing meditation.