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COVID-19 Family Law Information

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COVID-19 Family Law Information

Our expert family solicitors are here to support you with informative videos about issues regarding child maintenance, child arrangements and more during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Child Maintenance – COVID-19

Lisa Burton-Durham, Director

Co-parenting and Child Arrangements – COVID-19

Online Mediation and Collaborative Working – COVID-19

Gemma Hope, Director

Re-opening divorce settlements during COVID-19

International Surrogacy – COVID-19

Bank of Mum and Dad: top tips on avoiding later pitfalls – COVID-19

Emily Pain, Consultant

Financial hearings in the Family Court during COVID-19

Christopher Maulkin, Associate Solicitor

Arbitration as an alternative to Court during COVID-19

International surrogacy challenges during COVID-19

Surrogacy and parental orders during COVID-19