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Written by our expert team, this collection of family law information sheets have been written to help you understand key issues in more detail.

Divorce procedure

A guide to the divorce process, including grounds for divorce and how long it takes.

Settling financial issues following divorce

A guide outlining how you can approach the process of establishing how assets such as the family home will be divided.

Civil partnership dissolution

A guide to dissolving a civil partnership, including how to start proceedings, how the process works and how long it takes.

Cohabitation & Living Together Agreements

A guide to when a cohabitation agreement might be used, what can be included in it and what happens if you get married.

Prenuptial Agreements

A guide explaining what a Prenuptial Agreement is, who might need one and how they are enforced legally.

Parental Responsibility

A guide explaining what parental responsibility is, who has it and how Parental Responsibility Agreements work – including for step-parents.

Arrangements for children following a relationship breakdown

A guide to the different orders the court can make, and the different factors considered.

Financial arrangements for children

A guide explaining child maintenance, including how child support is assessed and other financial provisions for children.

Financial Disclosure

A guide to the issue of financial disclosure, including the meaning of ‘full and frank disclosure’, and how to treat confidential documents.

Cohabitation – financial obligations for unmarried couples

A guide explaining the legal position in terms of finances for couples who aren’t married, including property and other assets.

Step-by-step guide to divorce

A practical diagram showing the divorce process. Including what the different stages of divorce are, and the practical considerations as to grounds for divorce.

What is Hybrid Mediation?

A guide explaining the Hybrid Mediation process, how it works and what the benefits are.

Child Inclusive Mediation

A guide explaining Child Inclusive Mediation and how it can help with child arrangements after a divorce or separation.

Occupation Orders

A guide explaining Occupation Orders and how the court can make such an order regulating the occupation of the family home under the Family Law Act 1996.

The Agreeable Pathway

The Agreeable pathway is a journey is tailored to your circumstances. This visual representation explains more about how Agreeable works.