Child Maintenance Calculator

One of the first things to be sorted out after parents separate is to work out how much child maintenance should be paid. This can be a complicated decision, with the calculation itself not always easy to agree.

The Child Maintenance Agency provides its own tool, however Family Law Partners Director Alan Larkin has created a new calculator that has been designed to be more user-friendly for our clients.

The calculator has a number of unique features, enabling parents to reach an agreement on a child maintenance figure:

  • Easy-capture – the calculation is recorded in a format that can be instantly communicated to the co-parent.
  • A greater number of inputs (including the level of gross income entered or the level of pension contributions) provides both parents with an assurance of reasonable accuracy.
  • The calculation can be exported in PDF format and emailed to your own inbox for future use.  Additionally, the calculation can be emailed to a third party such as the parent’s lawyer or mediator.
  • Mobile and tablet-friendly –  the calculator can be used across multiple devices.

Click here to use the calculator

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