Children Arbitration

What is Children Law Arbitration?

In 2016, the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (IFLA) launched the Family Law Arbitration Children Scheme to support the use of arbitration relating to family disputes.

Children Arbitration gives families the opportunity to resolve disputes concerning parental responsibility and other issues involving the welfare of children.

Arbitration can help resolve the following disputes:

  • Generally, any issue between parents or other persons holding parental responsibility or a sufficient interest in a child’s present or future welfare (with the exception being cases involving the removal of a child from the jurisdiction).
  • Where a child should live including shared living arrangements.
  • Visiting arrangements including holiday time to be spent with a nonresidential parent.
  • Disputes concerning routine and non-life threatening medical treatment.

What are the benefits of Children Arbitration?

Children Arbitration enables couples to resolve disputes involving parental responsibility of children more quickly, cheaply and in a more flexible, less formal way than via the traditional court process.

  • Choice – families choose the Arbitrator, meaning you are supported by someone whose experience and approach matches the needs of your case.
  • Speed – families remain in control of the process and set the pace that works for them.
  • Cost – arbitration is tailored to your situation, not the court Rules. This means avoiding the sorts of delays that are commonplace in the court process, as well as expensive hearings.
  • Privacy – children arbitration hearings are private, ensuring confidentiality is maintained throughout the process.
  • Control – hearings will be scheduled on a date and at a venue that suits you.
  • Focus– the issues will be those you want resolved, firmly focused on the needs of your children with the process tailor made to fit your particular circumstances.

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