Child Maintenance Calculator

The child maintenance calculator is for use in the UK. You can use it if you are married, divorced, a civil partner or a co-habitant. You can even use it if you are a lawyer, mediator, arbitrator or judge. (All users are welcome). An important feature of this calculator is that the results are clearly laid out so you and your co- parent can be assured of accuracy and transparency to aid discussions. The result will be automatically converted into a PDF document and sent to your inbox. Even better, you can ask the calculator to email the calculation to your co-parent, lawyer or mediator, if you so wish.

The Child Maintenance Calculator is based on the rules introduced by the Child Maintenance Service on 29th July 2013. It uses a gross income model and applies different rates (or a combination of rates) in 5 bands:

Rate Paying parent’s gross weekly income
Basic £200 to £800
Basic Plus £800.01 to £3,000 (the first £800 of income is taken into account using the Basic rate)
Reduced £100.01 to £199.99
Flat £7.00 to £100 (or receives benefits)
Nil Less than £7.00

The parent who should be paying, or wishes to pay, child maintenance is referred to below as the “paying parent”.