Child Maintenance

Child maintenance is financial support towards a child’s everyday living costs, when two parents have separated. It covers things like food, clothing, housing costs, and other essentials.

It usually includes the payment of regular amounts of money to the parent who cares for the child most of the time. It is designed to make sure both parents contribute when they live apart.

If your divorce or separation is amicable, and communication about finances is healthy, you may be able to agree a sum for maintenance between you.

However, if you are not able to agree how it will be paid, and what amount, a family solicitor specialising in children will be able to assist you.

How is Child Maintenance calculated?

Child maintenance is calculated using a formula set by the Child Maintenance Service (formerly the CSA) which is based on a percentage of the paying parent’s gross income.

However, there are many variables that will determine how much should be paid and so parents (together with their family law solicitors) are encouraged to use an online calculator to work out the figure.

Child Maintenance Calculator

We created our own Child Maintenance Calculator because we believe there are serious drawbacks to the Child Maintenance Service’s (CMS) own tool.

Our calculator helps you work out your calculation through the following features:

  • Easy-capture, easy share – you can share the calculation easily with your co-parent
  • More accurate- it asks for more information that the CMS calculator but gives a more accurate calculation for both parents.
  • PDF export –  you can send the calculation directly to your own inbox, as well as to a third party such as your family lawyer or mediator.
  • Mobile and tablet-friendly –  unlike the CMS calculator, it can be used across multiple devices.

Access the child maintenance calculator 2019 here.


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