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Civil partnership dissolution

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Civil Partnership Dissolution

The ending of a civil partnership is through a process as dissolution. Our team of lawyers are highly experienced and will work with you to make an informed decision as to whether dissolution is appropriate for you and if so, when it would be in your interests to start the process. We understand that relationship breakdown is a difficult time for everyone involved, and we will guide and support you with the aim of limiting the financial and emotional impact on you and your family.

Our Civil Partnership Dissolution Services

We understand that separation can be stressful and upsetting and we will guide and support you through each stage of the process.

Initiating and responding to dissolution applications

Anyone who has been in a civil partnership for a year or more can start the dissolution proceedings (provided one of your permanent places of residence is in England and Wales or one of you has been resident here during the last year).

We will advise you on the best way to proceed, whether you can start proceedings and when those proceedings should be issued. We can help you by drafting the application and pursuing the proceedings to conditional and final order. Our team of specialists will consider the timing of the final order when looking at your financial position.

Financial settlements involved in the dissolution

Part of the process of a separation means reaching agreement upon how a couple’s assets and financial affairs are separated once the marriage or civil partnership has legally ended. With civil partnership dissolution, whilst the dissolution order can be applied for six weeks and one day after the date of the conditional order, we advise that this is not completed until any financial issues have been finalised. This is because the civil partnership is formally over once the dissolution order is pronounced and means that you might lose out on some financial entitlements if your former civil partner were to die before financial issues were dealt with.

Child arrangements following a dissolution

In any separation, the issue of arrangements for children can be extremely emotional. Following the dissolution of a civil partnership you will want to achieve the best outcome for you and your children. We take a solution-focused approach to arrangements for children and advise that you think about the short and long term needs of the children, as well as involving them in the process.

How our civil partnership solicitors can help dissolve your partnership

Our approach to dissolving a civil partnership:

  • We aim to adopt a non-adversarial approach to resolving matters and encourage the use of Mediation and the Collaborative law model.
  • We will provide advice and information specific to your circumstances.
  • We always focus on achieving practical and cost-effective solutions. We will signpost you to a network of third-party support to assist you and your family through the process.
  • We follow the Resolution Code of Practice and Family Law Protocol.

In the unhappy event of you considering a dissolution of your civil partnership or same sex marriage we will address the following:

  • How to minimise the emotional and financial cost to you and your family.
  • Alternatives to a Dissolution; there may be other suitable option.
  • The options for resolving the issues e.g. Mediation and/or the Collaborative law model and/or Arbitration.
  • The financial issues arising from your separation and the possible Dissolution proceedings.
  • Issues involving your children, for example, where they live and the time they spend with each of you.
  • Wills and claims against your respective estates.

Dissolution of a Civil Partnership does not have to be a contentious process. Our team of civil partnership dissolution solicitors will look at how to manage this difficult and emotive time for you and your family.

This may be a good time to give careful consideration to what options are available to resolve matters, for example through mediation, the collaborative law model or arbitration

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Civil Partnership FAQs

How do I dissolve a civil partnership?

The first step is that an application is completed online and issued by the court. The application will contain information about your civil partnership and confirm that it has irretrievably broken down.

How much does it cost to end a civil partnership?

As is the case in divorce and the ending of a marriage, there are a number of factors that will determine how much it will cost. For example, whether there are children involved, the complexity of any assets (such as property or pensions) and the level of conflict between the separating parties.

With regards to the dissolution process itself the person applying for the dissolution (or person named as the first applicant in the case of a joint application) pays the costs of the including the court fee.

How long does a civil partnership dissolution take?

Most civil partnership dissolutions are finalised within 6-8 months, but it depends very much on the court involved and how far the couple can cooperate and keep conflict to a minimum.

What are the grounds for civil partnership dissolution?

There is only one ground and that is that the civil partnership has irretrievably broken down.

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