Informal Separation

If you are married or in a civil partnership the date of separation is important if you want to divorce or dissolve the civil partnership in the future.

When did we separate?

If you decide on a date when you will separate and one of you moves out of the home then it is easy. The date of separation is when one of you moved out.

It is more complicated when you carry on living in the same house. Sometimes this has to happen because the house is on the market and it would be a waste of money if one moved out and pays rent when there is a mortgage on the family home that still needs to be paid.

It is possible to separate although you are staying in the same house if the following applies –

  • You live like flatmates
  • You do not do each others washing and ironing
  • You do not prepare meals for the other
  • You lead separate lives
  • You do not go out together as a couple
  • You start to separate your finances as much as you can
  • You do not have a physical relationship with each other

Do we need to do anything formal?

Make a note of the date when you either physically separate, one of you moves out, or you start to live completely separate lives although still living in the same home.

There is no need to have any special declaration because it is usually relatively easy to show the date of separation.

Try to agree on the date of separation if you continue to live in the same home and make a note of how you are living separate lives.

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