Family Law Arbitration

Family law arbitration can be an extremely effective way of resolving family law disputes. Our Family Law Arbitrator, Robert Williams, explains more about the process in this short video:


Our Approach to Family Law Arbitration

Arbitration is a process whereby a legally binding outcome (an “Award”) is made if you have been unable to reach agreement on a range of family related financial issues with your spouse or partner.

Family Law Arbitration is run by the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (IFLA).

The IFLA scheme can cover financial and property disputes arising from the breakdown of a relationship, whether unmarried, married or civil partners, financial provision for children and inheritance issues.

What are the benefits of Family Law Arbitration?

  • Choice – you choose the Arbitrator. You decide who is right for the issues in your case and the experience of the Arbitrator. Our qualified Arbitrator, Robert Williams, sits as a Deputy District Judge in the County and Family Court.
  • Speed – you will set the pace that suits you. With the significant delays in the court system you have the focus and continuity of the ultimate decision maker, which brings with it control over when steps are taken).
  • Privacy – the hearings are conducted in private and are no-one’s business but yours. If confidentiality is important to you then the process is ideal.
  • Convenience – the hearings will be on a date and at a venue that suits you.
  • Focus– the issues will be those you want resolved.
  • Cost – you will avoid the court delays, the process will be tailored to your situation not the court Rules and you will avoid at least one expensive and stressful hearing.

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