Modern Families

From single-parent families, to the so-called ‘blended’ or extended family unit, what is certain is that the nuclear family has become less prevalent as today’s modern family structure takes on different shapes and sizes.

But these new family structures, formed through arrangements such as surrogacy, sperm donation or co-parenting, bring different issues to light in respect of family law.

Our team of specialist family law solicitors are experienced in advising on issues that arise with this new kind of family structure.  We help same sex and opposite sex couples, both married and unmarried, with the following:

In our experience, many individuals and couples enter into arrangements that will shape their family in a certain way, without understanding the full legal implications.

Whilst we always encourage our clients to prepare and put measures in place at the earliest possible stage to avoid disputes later, we understand that this doesn’t always happen.

When problems do occur we can help resolve issues such as surrogacy and co-parenting disputes, as well as and those regarding finances and children in the event of divorce, civil-partnership or relationship breakdown.

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