Donor Conception

More and more families are formed using some form of sperm donation, including same sex couples who wish to have a child, or single people who are not in a relationship but feel ready to start a family.

As our specialists have explored in this detailed blog, anyone thinking about donor conception should be aware of two decisions in their journey which have significant legal implications; whether to use a licensed clinic or ‘DIY’ insemination at home, and whether to use a known or unknown sperm donor.

Whatever your situation, our team is experienced in all aspects of donor conception and can support you from the outset in helping you understand all of the legal issues, or later on if there is a dispute. We offer a flexible service in terms of the type and amount of legal advice appropriate for your case.

We can help with:

In addition to our expertise in donor conception, we also have experts who can help with different aspects of family law relating to fertility, surrogacy, adoption, same sex parenting and co-parenting.

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