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Wellbeing and Therapeutic Services

We are one of the only family law teams in the country to have a family consultant within our team. Our Director of Client Wellbeing, Kim Crewe, heads up a team offering support to help individuals and couples move forward positively before, during and after a divorce or separation, with their happiness and wellbeing at the forefront.

Director Emilie Helm is also a qualified life and divorce coach and supports her clients through their journey, helping them to reconnect to themselves and empowers them to live a fulfilling new chapter in their life.

A Holistic Approach to Client Support

Our team of family consultants and counsellors are able to work with individuals and couples from the outset, before separation or divorce proceedings even begin, to ensure that a constructive approach is taken from the start and you are given the tools you may need to effectively manage the divorce or separation process.

Going through a divorce or separation and having to manage both finances and co-parenting conversations at the same time as having to process the hurt and a myriad of other emotions felt on separation, can often feel extremely overwhelming and difficult to manage. Working with our team of Counsellors and Family Consultants gives everyone a much better chance of the “good divorce” everyone wants.

We are able to offer individuals, couples and families therapy sessions or more of a ‘coaching’ style with joint meetings. We also work with parents on how they might best engage with one another and agree on how they wish to parent their children together but apart. This type of support can help parents move forward positively with their children’s happiness and wellbeing at the front and centre.

Helping with the emotional and practical side of separation and divorce

Family Consultant

Kim Crewe is a qualified counsellor and family consultant and helps families with both the emotional and practical side of separation, divorce and partnership dissolution. Kim and the team work with families together or separately to help with communication, parenting plans and preparation for mediation and other legal processes. Kim has also been trained to work alongside lawyers in the collaborative process.

Family Mediation

We regularly share with our clients how Family Mediation can be used as an effective way of resolving family law issues, including arrangements for children.

Family Mediation can be even more effective when separating couples work with a family consultant to prepare them for the mediation process. Any areas of concern can be addressed beforehand in a sensitive way so that you are able to improve communication and move forward with the mediation process in a constructive way for all involved. Kim Crewe, our Director of Client Wellbeing and the team, work alongside our mediators – both before and during mediation – to help couples find a constructive, positive way to communicate and focus on the needs of the whole family.

Financial coaching

In addition to working as a therapist, Kim has training as a financial coach and so can help create spending plans, understand documents such as the Form E and will explore attitudes and beliefs around money.

Preparing for Marriage or Living Together

Kim and the team also supports couples preparing for marriage or living together. Part of this offering involves supporting couples in putting together prenuptial, postnuptial agreements or cohabitation agreements. This type of support can involve joint or separate meetings to help you move forward in the most positive way possible.


The breakdown of a relationship often brings about monumental life changes. There are endless challenges to overcome and complex decisions to be made all of which occur at a time when a person feels overwhelmed and fearful. Our approach to divorce coaching is to provide holistic support to each individual and to equip them with the tools that they need to make informed choices and move forward with strength and confidence.


We understand that there may be many complex emotions you experience during the course of your family law matter with us, whether it is a divorce or dissolution, a dispute over arrangements for children or an Inheritance Act claim. For more information on our Counselling service please click here.

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