Co-Mediation - what is it and how can it help resolve disputes?

Co-Mediation – what is it and how can it help resolve disputes?

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The dynamics between you and the partner you are separating from may be complex, so might the matters that you need to sort out. In which case co-mediation might be just what you are looking for to finally help find solutions and a constructive way forward.

As the well-known phrase states ‘two heads are better than one’ and this is true in co-mediation where there are two mediators working together with you and the partner you are separating from to enable outcomes to be reached. Two people working together may be more likely to overcome challenges than one person working alone.

Different mediators will have different skills, experience and personalities. Choosing co mediation can enable you to combine these to make mediation more productive and more effective overall. For example where emotions are high following a separation, having a mediator who has a background as a lawyer together with a mediator who has a therapeutic background can be a way of helping to address the barriers that might be in place in preventing solutions being found. Another example is where there are particularly complex financial matters to resolve, in these circumstances a mediator who has a background as a lawyer working together with a mediator who has a background as a financial adviser or an accountant may provide the most effective way forward.

If there is a significant power imbalance between the separating couple co-mediation can be a way of addressing this. For example, one of the separating couple may be very controlling and dominating, having two mediators rather than one can help to establish a better power balance in the room.

Empathy is key in mediation. If you have two mediators listening to what is being said important points are less likely to go unnoticed. This, in turn, helps to ensure the separating couple each feel that they are being heard and therefore increases the chances of them engaging in the process and being more receptive to potential solutions.

Some separating couples may not have had any guidance in life to date with regards to how to resolve disputes. By working with co mediators the separating couple can see how the co-mediators interact and communicate. This can help the separating couple learn skills which can help improve the longevity of any outcome.

Co-mediation can often be done with little or no increase to the overall financial costs of the process. This is because often co mediation can be twice as efficient in creating momentum, moving matters towards a resolution and creating long-lasting results.

We have a team of 5 specialist mediators (who are also qualified and experienced lawyers) at Family Law Partners who can all work with each other to combine their skills and expertise and also work with mediators from other professions. A co-mediation team can be tailor-made for you in accordance with your specific needs and requirements. Interested in co-mediation or want to find out more? Here are the details of our mediation team. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you.

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