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Early Neutral Evaluation – Part 2: Comparison to the Court process

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In the first part of this blog I explained what Early Neutral Evaluation is, how the process works and where it differs from a Financial Dispute Resolution court hearing (FDR). Here, I am going to explain some of the benefits of Early Neutral Evaluation over the court process by way of an illustrative comparison.

To show how an Early Neural Evaluation can help here is a side by side comparison of two similar cases I was recently involved in, one separating couple went down the traditional court route and the other opted for an Early Neutral Evaluation:

How can we help?

Our team of specialist family lawyers are able to help with Early Neutral Evaluation, either offering either legal representation or indeed acting as an evaluator. In particular one of our Founding Directors, Robert Williams, is a qualified arbitrator, collaborative lawyer and district judge and therefore his skillset and specialist training mean that he is perfectly placed to be appointed as an evaluator to assist separating couples who have decided that Early Neutral Evaluation is a process that is right for them and their case.

Please contact us for a confidential discussion with one of our experts.

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